We interviewed Bok Bok recently. As ever, the Night Slugs boss was extremely interesting - the whole conversation is as in-depth and enthralling as any interview he gives.

Sometimes we have to cut good things out of our interviews because they don’t really fit with the flow of the conversation. Here’s one such exchange from that chat that we just couldn’t make work.

I might be going on a bit of tangent here, but have you heard a song called Braveheart by this new girl group called Neon Jungle?

Bok Bok: “Yeah, I like that record, it’s sick. Pretty much all of us have been talking about that. I was joking with Neana the other day about him making me an edit because I really wanted to play it on Rinse.”

It’s a banger, that bass synth in it is so raw…

Bok Bok: “All of it, even the trance breakdown. It sounds like Lil Silva or something.”

It does! And to think that they’re a heavily-backed group who seem pretty set to be big British popstars.

Bok Bok: “Yeah, I’m really enjoying listening to shitty radio at the moment. I don’t even want to say ‘shitty’ radio - it is what it is - but I’m enjoying it. Apart from all the house, but I think that comes and goes. But generally I like listening to radio like that. Funny you should mention Neon Jungle, I’ll work with them!” [laughs]

Read the whole thing here.

Bernard + Edith look stupidly cool all of the time. Here they are playing at Birthdays in Dalston.

All photos by Liam Prior.

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